Chiangmai Northern Thailand Ristr8to Coffee

BEST Cafe Must visit in Chiangmai Thailand

Ristr8to is a coffee shop in Chiangmai which specialized various coffee from different countries. I was attracted due to their skull coffee glass and of course with their great range of coffee selection. If you are not a coffee lover? No worries, they do also offer non-coffee drinks and sweets! Such as waffles and their Brazilian Cacao drinks.

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand

The location is quite easy to find, it is just at the corner of the street and you could see a very huge signage board on top and there’s also a wooden A shape signage on the street.

The shop is not really big but cozy for friends gathering. Only a few tables in the shop. Decorated in wood and black chalk board, not fancy however simple and stylish. I was aware there’s also a staircase going up but guess that might be a decoration only?

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand

We sat in the outdoor and I ordered Satan latte which they won the world award!! WoW! that’s something I definitely need to order when I saw it, haha. My husband ordered the God mother Mocha. I love their names in the menu. It’s so rock & roll and it sounds so cool! They not only offer Hot but also Ice coffee if you need. However since I need to take nice shots for the beautiful Latte Art, I need to order the ice next time! I love not only the graphics of the menu but also the brief description on each of their signature coffee.

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand
The Menu

Chiangmai Rstr8to Coffee Thailand

Chiangmai Coffee Ristr8to Thailand
Satan Latte – World award Winning – 2011, 2015
Chiangmai Ristr8to Thailand Coffee
The stunning Latte Art

Chiangmai Northern Thailand Ristr8to Coffee

It was presented in a wooden tray and also carefully served with a little glass of water for you to rinse after the tasting of the strong coffee. That won’t happen in any coffee shop unless you request,  I am much appreciated on this though it is just a glass of water.

The Santan Latte art served in the 8oz cup with stunning Latte Art!  The double shot added not too strong but still retain the taste of coffee with the silky milk on top. I also tried a bit of the God Mother, not so sweet in a 3 oz skull glass.  I also want to try their SHAKERATO FROM HELL! what an amazing name with the coolest test tube presentation!

Chiangmai Northern Thailand Ristr8to Coffee Travel
I loved their wooden tray! see how detail every piece they have!
Ristr8to Chiangmai Coffee Northern Thailand Travel
God Mother 3 oz Skull glass
Northern Thailand Chaingmai Ristr8to Coffee
Total: 2 drinks Bhat 186

Ristr8to  was one of my favorite and coolest coffee place that I have ever been! It is not cheap and is bit costly compare to normal  coffee shop however I think is worth more than you spent! If you are planning to go to Chiangmai, you no doubt need to visit this place and choose your destination coffee! I would highly recommended!

How to get there?


15/3 Nimmanhaemin Road, Suthep,Muang, 50200 Chiang Mai

Tel: +66 53 215 278

Open Mon-Sun: 07:00 – 18:00

Useful Link:


Ristr8to Official Web Site


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