The Secret Jungle Temple – Wat Pha Lat in Chiangmai Northern Thailand

Wat Pha Lat - Chiangmai Northern Thailand Temple

Hidden Jungle temple Chiangmai Wat Pha Lat

After went to Chiangmai zoo, I then decided to go to the hidden temple – Wat Pha Lat (Wat Palad) . A Jungle temple which is closed to the zoo and you can either choose to hike by following the trail of the monks or you can take a car to arrive. As I’m not a good hiker so which would be better to take the ‘Songthaewsto’ – The Red Truck to this special hidden places.

Before I decided to visit this place, I have read the story behind and found it is so mysterious and attractive. There’s almost NO reason for me not to come! Personally I don’t really like to visit the very ‘Tourist’ place and a place where less tourist would find the peaceful and of course I can feel free to take beautiful pictures without any person in my shot. So let me tell you the story before I show you more beautiful pictures of this SPECIAL temple.

The Story of the Secret Temple

Wat Pha Lat also call the “Monastery at the Sloping Rock”, was originally a resting place for people while they are walking up to worship at Doi Suthep. This temple was constructed in around 1355. The King Kuena’s White elephant has stopped and rest in Wat Pha Lat whilst walking up the mountain for it’s journey to find a place for the holy temple. Finally the white elephant then died at the high up mountain – Doi Sutheo temple ( which the famous temple) and the King ordered people to construct a temple in the very first place where the white elephant died. Nevertheless, he also ordered to construct the 3 places where the white elephant took rest and Wat Pha Lat is one of the place. Those places were then considered as holy places. Also Wah Pha Lat is only a few kilometers to the famous one – Doi Sutheo temple.

Wat Pha Lat - Chiangmai Northern Thailand Temple

The Temple

At the entrance, you will find there are 2 giant Lion guards welcome you, they call them ‘Singh’ . It represent the typical Thai temple architecture. When we walked in, there was a pathway leading us to a little temple. There are not one temple but several. We originally thought there were no one but us and actually we were wrong. People were in the temple being worship, it is very quiet and we don’t even want to speak loud but whisper. The whole environment sits with beautiful trees surrounded by rocks and there’s a small waterfall at the other side.

Wat Pha Lat Northern Chiangmai Thailand Travel

Northern Thailand Chiangmai Temple Wat Pha Lat Travel

Wat Pha Lat Northern Chiangmai Thailand Travel

Wat Pha Lat_Chiangmai_Northern Thailand Travel

I stepped into the back of the temple and found this little secret place, a more hidden and breathtaking area. The little waterfall nestled in the hillside and a sculpture imagery sit at the bottom of the waterfall. I can’t get into further as the mud is very wet and is a bit dangerous for me to step more in. I used my long lens and capture the closer shot! I was wondering who else will get into that place? however this secret place which is so impressive to me! I just felt like I found somewhere No one might even knew!

Chiangmai Northern Thailand Buddha Waterfall Wat Pha Lat
A Little waterfall at the far way back of temple

Chiangmai Northern Thailand Wat Pha Lat Waterfall

The Story behind the Little Rabbit

As said there are few temples and Buddha statue. I found so interesting was that there’s always a rabbit in every spot of the temple. It is not obvious and always hidden in somewhere else. I am curious and wiki what that was and I found the answer. The rabbit actually represent the birth year of the monk who was in charge of the temple at that time!

Northern Thailand Chiangmai Rabbit Wat Pha Lat Travel
Could you find the little rabbit? The red thai language I believe it was the script?

Exploring inside the Jungle temple

This place was just breathtaking! It’s hard to elaborate by just words in here and everywhere you could find so peaceful. It’s old but you can see the history in here. Everything is just White and surrounded by green. Nothing is luxury, no restaurants no food , nothing at all. It’s like you were back to ordinary and get into the mother of nature.

Northern Thailand Chiangmai Rabbit Wat Pha Lat Travel

Northern Thailand Chiangmai Rabbit Wat Pha Lat Travel

No matter you were any believer of any religion, you will be impressive of the art of the statues. They were huge and is like there’s some story behind as if they were sit under each of the trees in an area. How impressive this place was!

Wat Pha Lat_Chiangmai_Thailand Travel

Northern Thailand Wat Pha Lat Travel Chiangmai
There are statue under each of the tree.
Northern Thailand Chiangmai Travel Wat Pha Lat
The two guards with dragon body
Wat Pha Lat - Chiangmai Northern Thailand Temple
People need to walk through to rocks and go to this little old temple and worship. This area looks really old and heard these were more than 600 years ago

There are too many places to discover in this area, sometimes like us working in a city, it’s important to spend a little time to slow down and think what we shall do next. Myself stepping into this Jungle temple, it makes me feel so peaceful and almost makes me feel like everything is not important. Forget anything that you thought that’s so stressful or even it made you upset, just let it go and back to the nature. This place is one of the special place to me. I know tourist as many people might go directly only to Wat Phra Tha Doi Suthep. However if you would like to take a while to slow down and keep yourself quiet, this is a place where you should visit.

One thing you should aware when you get into this place, wear properly, be quiet and respect to the people in here. They definitely don’t want this place to be a famous tourist site and would love everything to be quite. This is the most enchanted place to be and sure you don’t want to miss. I have shared the info below how to get there.

Who never made a mistake

Never made a Discovery

How to get there?

If you have planed to visit Chiangmai Zoo which I have introduced in my previous post, you should go here directly by their’Taxi’ OR you can walk from here. however I couldn’t provide the route from this post and sure you could google from someone else blog.

USEFUL LINK: Hiking to the Monk’s Trail

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