The Unique Cafe in Tainan, Narrow Door Cafe Review

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Unique Cafe in Taiwan Tainan Narrow Door Cafe TravelNarrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow is a Door to heaven, 

Few will find it,

but those who do will find great joy and happiness for eternity.

Due to my last business trip, I visited Tainan last week. As usual, I would not miss any opportunity to look for some interesting spot while I was away from home. Narrow Door Cafe is one of the Cafe where I marked on my must go list.

The name of the Cafe is already interesting enough for me to visit them. If you have ever been to Taiwan, you might find Tainan is quite different from Taipei. There aren’t any tall buildings but small stores and alley. If I need to use only a word to describe Tainan, Old city would suits the best. A little background of the Narrow Door cafe, it was originally owned by a doctor during the Japanese occupation era, then it has been taken over by the owner of Narrow door cafe in 1999. Thus the cafe looks so rustic and have retain what it had since constructed.

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan
Believe or not, that’s the entrance!! Less than 20 inches!!
Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan
All the way down to the alley, you will find the door to the cafe, It was so… DARK!

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan


It is so easy to miss the entrance as you will find the entrance is in-between the 2 buildings. By passing through a super narrow alley, there was a super old staircase on left once you seen the below sign, where will lead you to the cafe.  To be honest as the entrance is too narrow, I’m not confident to say you can get into that door! As the door is almost like less than 20 inch! however the entrance gets wider once you get in, so don’t worry it won’t be that difficult. If you plan to visit at night, it’s a bit moody and almost like you are entering the haunted house.

The Interior

Once you entered the cafe, it’s almost like you are visiting a very old house. Lots of old magazines and photos with vintage decoration on wall.  The cafe has been separated into 2 sides, one have air condition and other with opened window.

Since the cafe opened, there were guest book for guest to leave their comments and it has been kept so well and stored in a cupboard. They also welcome anyone to borrow and look at what their customers left for them. It’s a way where the present connect to the past. So if you are interested to flip over you can ask their staff for help but don’t get it without their permission.

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan
Remember to ask their staff for help if you would like to read their guest book.

As mentioned, everywhere is so rustic. I totally in love with their vintage windows, decoration and it matches perfectly with the yellow wall. The wall wasn’t painted perfectly but because of the lose color, you can smell the past and felt the story behind. As it was originally owned by a doctor and I was thinking if that’s his living room?

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

The Food

When myself and my colleague visited the cafe was quite late, so we ordered dinner and coffee. I ordered the braised beef with veggies and rice, also it comes with cold tofu. I have read some reviews and I don’t agree the food is not good. The beef is very soft and everything seems fresh. Portion is just enough for myself. Besides, I love how the food was presented in a wooden tray, everything looks so vintage. I ordered normal black coffee but I would suggest you to try their signature tea if you have time.

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

So if you have only a few days to visit Tainan I would highly recommend you to visit Narrow Door cafe, not only to taste their coffee but to feel how special this place are! Especially it remains the oldest and ordinary of this house. A few said that the price is too expensive but I don’t agree if it does provide you a comfort atmosphere and cozy cafe. Lastly, it mentioned in their menu said that though their narrow door won’t lead you to the heaven, but they hope all those who come to the Narrow Door Coffee shop will found great joy and happiness and sure I do!

How to get there?


700, Taiwan, Tainan City, West Central District, Nanmen Rd, no.67

Tel: +886 6 211 0508


Mon-Tue: 11:00 -20:00

Wed-Thur – 11:30 – 20:00

Fri,Sun: 11:00 – 20:00

Sat: 11:00 – 20:30

Useful Link: Narrow Door Facebook

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Narrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan>

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