Amazing Christmas Festival in Hakodate

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

Amazing Christmas Festival must visit in Hakodate Japan Travel

It’s Christmas in the Heart that

put Christmas in the Air!

Hey guys! I haven’t updated my blog this December as I was traveling in Tokyo and Hokkaido last week. I took lots of shots and things to share before this coming Christmas! I know you can’t wait for it, so let’s start with something related to Christmas which is  the Christmas festival I just visited in Hakodate and Sapporo. I will post another one tomorrow.

So a little introduction of my trip before getting into the Christmas festival. I travelled from Tokyo to Hokkaido by using the JR South East Hokkaido Rail pass, it allows you to use for any 6 days within the chosen 14 days. This is something only benefit to tourist! It sounds something interesting wasn’t it? I will post on how this work in my next post so don’t miss that out! It can save the travel budget if you tend to visit different spots in Japan. Also it just launched in MAR only!

Anyways, let’s get into the topic. So I have visited 5 spots in this trip which is Tokyo -> Hakodate -> Noboribetsu -> Otaru -> Sapporo. Today I would like to show you how amaze the Christmas festival in Japan!


Christmas Festival

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan HokkaidoThis is our first spot when we arrived in Hokkaido, it is a very beautiful little city! especially the night view is one that you don’t want to miss! We stayed for a night before we went to appreciate the night view in Hakodate mountain. We walked to Hakodate Bay as there is a Christmas festival at the moment. It was easy to find as you can see a huge Christmas tree from far away! This great huge Fir tree was a present from Canada, Halifax a sister city of Hakodate. It has travelled over 18,000 km!! Besides, the colour of the tree changes every 5 mins. I took several shots when it turns from pink, blue and green.

The atmosphere is really good, not only limited on the stunning decoration but also there’s a live band singing Christmas songs which made us felt so warm under such a cold weather.

Hakodate travel street view Hakodate bay Japan Hokkaido
A different view from the other side of Hakodate Bay

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

I have uploaded a video showed how lovely they sang. We enjoyed so much too under such a lovely Christmas vibes. Also I have recorded ( sorry only in Cantonese) but still you can feel the atmosphere.


Besides, don’t miss out the Soup Bar on the side of the Red Brick House. As such a freezing weather ( it’s only 4 degree) which is so warm to enjoyed a HOT soup. There are 10 different soup counters which provided assorted soups for your choice. First you have to buy a ticket in the information counter. It cost 600 yen per ticket and each ticket could exchange 1 bowl of soup. Since all the counters offered same price, thus you just need to choose which you would like to order.

Out of all kinds of different soup, finally we bought the crab meat soup, it is very tasty!! Although it is only 600 YEN (approx. USD $5) but they offer you a crab leg in the soup with lots of crab meat inside! super yummy!

Hakodate Christmas Festival Soup Bar Hokkaido Travel Japan
Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido
STEP 2: Different kind of soup from counters listed in the poster
Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido
Step 3: Choose which counter you would like to order, there are A-J listed in the poster.
Hakodate Christmas Festival Soup Bar Japan Hokkaido
See! there is a crab leg inside the soup!
Hakodate Christmas Festival Soup Bar Hokkaido Japan Travel
How grateful to enjoy the tasty soup under the freezing weather. Look at my back! He is waiting for my comment of this soup! haha I would say it is super yummy!!

Here I have record a video showing how to order from soup bar.

Hakodate Christmas Festival Japan Hokkaido

I have attached the timetable of the festival, it last until Dec 25th. So if you happened to be in Hakodate this month before 25th, remember to visit and sure you will love this little city!


You can also buy souvenir at the back of Soup bar – the Red brick House. I chose a few which I think it’s quite good for your reference.

Hakodate ramen Souvenir Japan Hokkaido
Ramen – Limited in Hakodate only
Hakodate biscuit Souvenir Japan Hokkaido
Very nice milky way packing -limited in Hakodate only

HOW to get there?

La Vista Hakodate Bay

Address: 12-6 Toyokawachō, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaidō

Amazing Christmas Festival in Hakodate Japan Travel

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