ATTRACTIVE Date SPOT for Couples in Planetarium – TOKYO Sunshine City

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel Japan


Throw back to my previous Tokyo trip in Nov, we went to the Planetarium in Sunshine City. I marked this place for a long time when I heard Konica had launched this in Tokyo.

It is not only a theatre but it provides both educational / entertainment show with aromatic smells for healing experience. It is direct managed by Konica Minolta of the planetarium technology. You can enjoy and relaxed under the starry sky and aromatic smells. Because healing planetarium show is targeted for adult only, so small children are not allow for healing planetarium. So let’s see how it’s actually works.


Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel
The Entrance

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Japan Travel

Highly recommend to get the ticket in advance at least an hour before the show OR you can buy it through their ONLINE ticketing. Don’t worry they do speak English in the counter  however they only provide Japanese in their site. So if you are not able to read Japanese you probably need to buy in the counter. I have marked their link at the end of this post. They provide only ONE show every hour from 11:00 -20:00, so you have to check which you would like to see and be ready to get the ticket an hour before they start. For example they offers 3 shows now below. Mostly are about starry but in different contents. Such as (from Left to Right) – Meteor Shower night , Songs by Universe and Star of Dolphin (bottom). We picked the Star of Dolphin show to enjoy.

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel

The Price of Tickets

As mentioned above they have various seats and the price would depends on the seats of the sections below. They have 3 sections which is:

  1. First ROW: The ‘芝シート’ – 3500 YEN , suits for a few friends if would like to seat close together!
  2. Second Row: ‘ 雲シート’ – 3800 YEN, suits for couples. A huge white sofa you can just lay down and relax with your beloved.
  3. Normal Seats: 一般シート – 1500 YEN (adult) 800 YEN (Child), which is the rest of the back. My friend and I chose this as is the most economic one and I think is already good enough.

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo

Before Getting in

So before getting in the planetarium, there’s some fun spot in the lobby while waiting the show begins. There’s a huge screen in front of the sofa. The starry will follow you if you move close to it. Don’t miss that spot if you were there.

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Japan

When the theatre is ready, just follow the starry path all the way along. It will lead you to the theatre. It’s such amazing where you not only enjoy the starry in the planetarium but also the exterior.

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel
Just follow the Path
Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel
See! I am stepping on the stars

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel

The Theatre

There is the ‘infinium’ – the spheroid in the centre which allows the 360 starry around you. The below is how it looks exactly from my view. It just looks like you can feel with view from birds. These are the only photos I took as it doesn’t allow you to take any shots when the show starts.

When the show starts, you are strictly prohibited to speak or turn on any electronic devices as this will disturb others to enjoy the show. You just have to lay down, seat tight and enjoy the starry night 360 around you. As the show only have Japanese so remember to borrow the English audio guides at counter. This is a worth to visit place as it looks absolutely amazing when you can enjoy the starry night not limited in outdoor but also indoor!! especially in Tokyo! Don’t miss that if you happen to be in Tokyo in your upcoming trip.

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel

Konica Minolta Sunshine City Tokyo Travel Japan


There’s a little souvenir shop outside the theatre if you would like to buy some after the show. They have notebooks, keyring etc. for your choice.

Konica_Minolta_Sunshine_City_Tokyo Travel

How to get there?


Address: TOKYO Solamachi, 1-1-2 Oshiage, 墨田区 Tokyo 131-0045, Japan

Useful Link: Planetarium- Konica Minolta


 Address:  SKYTREE TOWN East Yard 7F

Useful Link: Planetarium- Konica Minolta

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