Where to Stay in Tainan- 3 Door Hotel Review

3 Door Hotel Tainan Taiwan Travel

Where to stay in Tainan 3 Door Hotel 三道門建築文創旅館

Continue my previous post of Taipei. Let’s move to Tainan- South of Taiwan. Since it’s my first time visited Tainan due to my business trip. Otherwise I guess I might not even think of visiting this place as it won’t be my bucket list. Not saying this is not an interesting place but not a hot travel location.

So before introducing the hotel I stayed, just a bit intro. of Tainan as I think not everyone have been to this place. It’s situated the South of Taiwan – Tai (Taiwan short term) and Nan ( means South) not a super hot travel spot for tourist but still have it’s attractiveness. Tainan is the oldest city of Taiwan. When I first arrived, I felt it looks totally different from Taipei. It’s more like an old city, everything looks so vintage or I can say it’s like back to the 80s/70s. (I’m not exaggerate but true). You will know what I mean when I showed you the below pictures. However I doesn’t mean I don’t like this city, but it’s much different compare with Taipei or Taichung however it’s also interesting to visit such an ‘old city’ / country side within a region.

Tainan Station Taiwan Travel
Station in Tainan
Tainan Station Taiwan
The station, the signage and the train looks like 80s.

Tainan Station Taiwan Travel

Map Tainan Station Taiwan Travel
The 2D Downtown map, I really love this. It is just located at the exterior of the station. It looks unlike other maps I have seen.
3 Door hotel 三道門建築文創旅店
Details of the map

3 Door Hotel

Once arrived, I immediately walked to the hotel. It took me only 10 mins walkable distance from station. It’s very convenient and easy to find.

Overall the fare in Tainan hotels are much cheaper than Taipei. The room I paid was only within $90 USD/ night. One of the reason I chose this hotel not only because it is convenient but also the uniqueness of their design (both exterior and interior). It’s not a super big or luxury hotel but modern yet stylish. The lobby was well decorated with different vintage sofas and tables. Also they have a few vintage baggages displayed as a side table next to the vintage chair. Unlike normal hotel, there’s front desk where you do your check in but here you will do it right next to the bar table below! How interesting is it?

The staff gave me the key but also a map from their hotel which showed all the nearby restaurants, attractions etc. It is so warm and helpful! Also the lady lead me to the room and meantime explained briefly where the facilities and breakfast place.

3 Door Hotel_Tainan_Taiwan_Travel
Source image: Booking.com

3 Door Hotel Tainan Taiwan Travel

In the Room

There are 2 doors in each floor. One is the way to ‘Free Independent Traveller’ and the other is for permanent stay. I found this is quite secure where you still need a key to enter.

The room I reserved was a Deluxe Double Room in 701. There is a super cool room no. signage before I entered. I love how they played with the shadow idea! There are also 2 welcome biscuits ready in the room. They told me that’s the famous snacks in Tainan which somehow symbolized Lucky Biscuit.

Besides the bed is very comfy with a huge TV hanging on the wooden wall in front. There wasn’t much fancy decoration in the room but just clean design. The bathroom however just shower but do offered deluxe shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Also there’re a long bar table in front of window, so I worked at night sitting beside the window and enjoyed my cup of tea during the night work!

3 door hotel Tainan Taiwan Travel

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel
Welcome biscuit

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

3 Door Hotel Taiwan Tainan
Rose bath shower, body lotion etc.

The Breakfast

So the next morning I went to enjoy my breakfast in basement before heading back to Taipei. The decoration is so chic and there were quite lots of tables. It’s hard to tell that’s a restaurant in hotel as there’s lovely graffiti on wall.

So once I was set, the waiter gave me a paper where it offers serval choices. As I was very sicked that day and almost lost my voice. So I just picked the simple one which is sandwitch set. Originally I thought it’s just like normal sandwitch but actually it’s out of my expectation!  It was presented nicely on a plate and of course the sandwitch was freshly made! Also it comes with fresh made fries, congee and mesh potato. Also it comes with coffee. Everything is so yum!! It just brighten up my illness day!

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

三道門建築文創旅館 Tainan Taiwan 3 Door Hotel Travel

The Facilities

Besides, they do have a super lovely Sky garden roof top where you probably could spend your afternoon for their workshop. ( I don’t have time to experience) However details do need to check with hotel.

So if you are looking for somewhere in low fare, great location and great breakfast. I would definitely recommend to stay in 3 Door Hotel.

3 Door Hotel_Tainan_Taiwan_Travel
Source: 3 Door Hotel Website
3 Door Hotel_Tainan_Taiwan_Travel
Source: 3 Door Hotel Website

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