Christmas by the River – London

Christmas by the River London

Christmas by the River London

Merry Christmas everyone!! I wish you all have a warm and joyful day with your friends and family!

Knowing I have been disappeared for a couple of months!! I don’t even remember what’s my last post , ah ! it is Seoul cafe… Apologise as there are lot of things happened in the last couple of months, including my friend sad news which he was left in Aug and also my first cross exhibition with my friends during Oct. It takes time for me to recover myself and now I have settled everything and is ready to update my blog.

This is my first post of London (a new place in this blog! yeah!) . So back to this festive month which is also one of my most favourite festival of the year! I was in London around 2 weeks for my business trip! I haven’t stayed that long perviously thus I got more spare time than usual to explore exciting places in London. It was quite cold and wet as usual in the past years. However this year, there were even a couple of days we could experienced snowy days!

Christmas by the River - London

Myself and my colleague went to a Christmas market which is just right next to London Bridge – Christmas by the River after our dinner in Sky Pod (I will show more pictures of this amazing place later). This is my 2nd Christmas market that I have visited. To be honest it was not as excited as I imagine, but it still worth to go as there were more than 50 food/gift counters. I guess one of the reason why I felt not that exciting is because the density of the counters weren’t that close. It was a bit scattered so somehow it can’t create that festive atmosphere to me. If you asked me what is the most recommend / appreciate thing in this Christmas  market? I would definitely say the little pavilion with the lights on the roof.

Christmas by the River London

Enjoying the amazing view of the Thames River and London Bridget, people can enjoy the view with a hot chocolate or coffee with a little blanket under this little pavilion.

Christmas by the River London

Christmas by the River London

There are also a few little gift counters at the front but the most exciting are more at the back. Thus remember to walk all the way to the London Bridge.

Christmas by the River_London
I love those macaroons inside the hanging ornaments.

Christmas by the River_London
The freshly made beef, it smells really good!

Food counters  include some yummy sausage and beef burgers which are all freshly made! Also don’t forget to go to the Hay’s Gallery below, there are a huge Christmas tree and lots of gift counters there!

Christmas by the River LondonChristmas by the River LondonChristmas by the River London

Christmas by the River London

I uploaded the environment so you can feel the festive vibes in here 😉 The Christmas market is here until 3rd January 2018! If you would like to feel the festive moment or either to amaze the view of Thames River, don’t miss out before the above date! I might post another blog before the new year 2018! Stay tuned!

Opening Time: 11am to 7apm Daily

Useful Link: Christmas by the River


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