Lovely Royal Botanic Garden – Kew in London

Kew Garden London Winter Christmas

Kew Garden London

Continue to share a few nice spots in London, today I would like to share this lovely garden Royal Botanic Garden – Kew Garden. Kew Garden is the largest and most diverse collection of living plants anywhere in the world. Also it includes more than 30000 different kinds of plants and they have the world largest herbarium. Besides, the garden has 326 acres of landscape which have more than 100 world-class attractions to enjoy.

Lucky us it was a great weather on the day we visited. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to walk through the whole garden. (I believe it would took us a day!)  We just managed to visit the key attractions of Treetop Walkway, Palm House and the garden nearby only. However, you can also take the bus tour at the entrance of the park if you feel tired. Now let me know show you the pictures of the lovely Kew garden below!

Kew Garden London Winter Christmas

As mentioned above, one of the key attraction – The Treetop walkway is 18 metres above from ground and 200 metres long. You can fully appreciate the entire view of the Kew garden up on the walkway.

Treetop Walkway Kew Garden London Botanical

Kew Garden Treetop Walkway LondonKew Garden Treetop Walkway LondonKew Garden - Temperate House London

After the walk from Treetop walkway, we decided to visit the Temperate House. Unfortunately it was closed for construction till MAY thus we just rest a while in the bench nearby the Temperate House under the lovely sunshine. The Temperate House is one of my MUST visit place. It is a Victorian glasshouse with temperate zone plant Hope I have a chance to revisit again on my next trip. 😦

Kew Garden London Botanic Garden

With such a perfect blue sky and a large piece of grass like a green carpet, I can imagine it would be much lovely to visit in summer as it won’t be that cold sitting outdoor! Thus if you are planning to come in summer don’t miss out this place!

While walking to the next spot, there was a huge Holly tree! It was so Christmassy!

Kew Garden Holly Tree
The huge holly tree
Kew Garden - Holly Tree Christmas
Close up of the holly

Our next stop was the Palm house below, it is a rainforest climate inside which collects the unique tropical plants. The Victorian glasshouse exterior situated in the centre of the garden.  It also looks like sitting inside a maze of the secret garden.

Kew Botanical Garden London The Palm house

Kew Garden London Palm House

Interior - Palm house - Kew Garden london
Interior of the Palm House


There was a pond next to the Palm house with amazing view. Seagulls looked so relaxing. 🙂 It definitely looks like a life painting in front of me! So beautiful!

Kew Garden London Winter Christmas

Seagull Pond Kew Garden London

There was a gift shop and a few restaurants and cafe in Kew Garden as well! I bought the below lovely dandelion glass globe and handmade soup for myself and friends, family souvenir too!

Kew Garden Gift Shop London

I bought a few handmade soup for my friends and family! of course I bought one for myself too! it smell so good!

Christmas at KEW - Signage


There are different events every month. It was Christmas at Kew event when I visited last month. The upcoming event is Orchids Festival from 10th Feb – 11th March 2018. So if you are planning to go next month, be sure to check this out!

Opening hours

Open at 10am everyday

Closing time (until 9 Feb) 04:15 pm


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