Hotel review in Ishigaki Okinawa – Super Hotel

Ishigaki Okinawa Super Hotel 石垣 沖繩 酒店

Hotel Review Super Hotel Ishigaki Okinawa

Whenever I travel, I would like to pick some affordable hotel but at the same time is neat and tidy. The size of the room wasn’t the most important to me as I know I would not stay long except sleep for a couple of hours. Not sure if you are the same as me?

Ishigaki Okinawa Super Hotel 石垣 沖繩 酒店

Following from the previous activities in Ishigaki Island, I would like to introduce this hotel for your consideration if you are planning to Ishigaki. What made me chose this hotel was not only because of the price but also the location was really convenient! It takes only 3 mins walkable space to the public market and there are Family Mart, restaurants which is great!

In terms of the size of the room, it wasn’t very big but still allowed me to open my luggage in the corridor. The air condition was fine, the only thing that I’m not very satisfy is the water power wasn’t strong enough, but other than that, everything was great! and of course there is free wifi!

Ishigaki Okinawa Super Hotel 石垣 沖繩 酒店

Ishigaki Okinawa Super Hotel 石垣 沖繩 酒店

Every morning, they offered different kinds of Japanese style breakfast. So what usually includes are miso soup, some veggies, meat and rice. Also given a choice of coffee and tea. You can take as much as you want. The menu do update everyday at the entrance of the signage before you get in, though it was written in Japanese!

Ishigaki Okinawa Travel 沖繩 石垣Ishigaki Okinawa Travel 沖繩 石垣

Last but not the least! They also provide parking with a daily charge of 300 yen per day only. Also 10 different choices FREE sample pack of shower gel, shampoo etc. However these are exclusive for ladies only! 😉

Super Hotel Okinawa Ishigaki 石垣 沖繩

I highly recommend this hotel because most of the hotels in Ishigaki are a bit expensive, especially if you are not looking at the resort but normal hotel room with budget travel.

Where is it?

Address: 36 Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture 907-0023, Japan

Tel: +81 980-83-9000


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