A Day in Oxford – London

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Continue from my previous post – London, I would like to throw back to my day trip in Oxford last month. My colleague and I planned to go to have a quick visit in Oxford then we went to Bicester Outlet shopping in late afternoon. To be honest, I think we could spent a whole day in Oxford as there were lots of places to explore which definitely wasn’t enough for only a couple of hours.

We bought the ticket in advance through the web as it is much cheaper than you buy it in the station. So if you wish to save some money from your pocket, highly suggest you to plan it in advance. Anyways, we departed in Paddington station hence I had a chance to take a picture with this iconic Paddington bear in the station! ^0^ How excited this was!

We bought our breakfast and enjoyed in the train. It took approximately 60 mins from Paddington to Oxford station. We also booked a walking tour in advance from Oxford walking tours in Oxford. I decided to join this walking tour because I don’t have to pay for a fix tour price like the normal tour, instead it is free to pay as you like! Of course I did pay for a reasonable tour price. The guide brought us to many places which highlights in the leaflet. That includes the School of Divinity (Also one of the Harry Potter filming site) and the Biggest library in London – Bodelian Library. One of the most memorable from what the guide said is this library kept every single published books/magazine in London! So as long as you published a book in London, it will keep in this library!! That sounds so cool!

Besides we visited the Oxford University and the landmark like Bridge of Sighs, Blackwell’s Bookshop and more! Let me show you some photos below!

Oxford London Travel Pond Landscape
Heading to the ship street, will pass through the Castle Mill Stream

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