WORLD LUXURY movie experience in AIS Diplomat Screen Review – BANGKOK

AIS DIiplomat Screens Thailand Bangkok

No doubt when you travel, I guess 99% of the travellers won’t decide to spend their precious time to watch a movie as this is something you could definitely go within your home country. However, I would like to introduce you this SIX stars cinema. Unlike normal cinemas, but it is more than just a movie. Let’s see what makes the difference?

AIS Embassy Diplomat Screen_Bangkok Thailand Travel

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Luxury Spa experience in a Secret Garden – Bangkok Oasis Spa


There are lots of Spa in Thailand and it is always a headache to pick the best one! So during my recent trip, I don’t need to worry too much as I have  TRAZY organized this amazing Spa for me! 🙂 Big thanks to TRAZY again for the sponsor of Bangkok Oasis Spa – Queen of Oasis Massage. It is a lovely afternoon and a memorable spa experience.

Before sharing more to all of you, I have been travelled with TRAZY for a few times already in my last few trips. Unlike normal travel agency but focus mainly on Korea and Thailand only. They understood how frustrated when foreign travellers have no idea where they should go especially in Korea and Thailand ! Hence the 2 ladies (who started the business) decided to provide the best deals and offers for travellers!  If you were frustrated not speaking the same language? Don’t worry! Just give your plan to TRAZY and relax during the journey!  Their booking website offers various activities which sure you can find everything you need! So let’s see what I have experienced with TRAZY  on my 2nd activity in Bangkok this time! 🙂

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The GEEK Make up Laboratory – 11 Village Factory – Seoul Review

Seoul Shopping 11 Village Factory

I have been too busy after my recent trip from Seoul. Haven’t update for a while and hopefully I can write 2 more interesting spot of Seoul in the upcoming week! Throw back to my last trip with my mum in Seoul, we have visited lots of interesting places. This is my first time bringing my mum with me apart from the tour. It was a precious moment to me since I grow up as I don’t really have a chance to go with her after graduated. Anyways, I would love to introduce this new interesting make up laboratory in Seoul – 11 Village Factory.

If you are familiar in Seoul, you might know they have lots of cool make up products and 11 Village Factory no doubt is one of the spectacular make up/ skin care store that I have ever seen.

11 Village Factory Korea Seoul Travel Sinsadong

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TAIWAN – One Day Food Tour Itinerary

Nightmarket_Taiwan_Travel 1 Day Itinerary Food Tour

After several posts and recommendation of Taiwan, I would like to do a wrap up for  just 1 Day Itinerary. Aiming for those who only stay or pass by Taiwan in a very short period of time. This is mainly focus on a Food tour instead of a site seeing  day.


Anyways let’s start with breakfast in a very local Taiwanese Cafe. This was one of the café where I found they have various choices of toast and is freshly made everyday. It is located in Zhongshan area, it takes only 5 minutes walkable distance from station. Since we stayed in Mei Hotel, it is located a few alleys only. It is a very little cafe and only 5-6 tables inside.

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

The menu are all Chinese however believe you can ask for English version if necessary. You have to order in the paper that given on table and mark what you wish to have. We ordered the deep fried pork with egg and a deep fried chicken fillet with egg toast. The meat was so crispy and fresh. For beverages,  we ordered Taiwanese milk tea and fresh soy milk. The toast cost only 40 TWD (US$1.3) !! and the  drink only cost TWD 20 ($0.6) Believe or not,  I spent less than $2.00 USD for a breakfast!! LOL

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Brewed with Heart – Vieng Joom On Teahouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tea house in Chiangmai Vieng Joom On review

If you have ever did some research in web, you will find there are quite lots of Tea House in Chiang Mai. Continue my post in our Day 4 Trip yeterday, after visiting the zoo and Wat Pha Lat (will post this later). We took Songthaew (like Taxi but a Van) to Central Festival Mall. Actually the main store of Vieng Joom On isn’t in Central Mall. As my hubby wish to walk around the mall, then we just pop into Vieng Joom On as we haven’t plan to.

At first sight I thought they were selling tea only and not so much food but obviously I was wrong, they sell not only Tea bags, leaves and gift but also you can even enjoy your Tea time with this lovely, gorgeous pink national color of India environment. It almost seems like you went into the Palace of India. So let me bring you to have a look of the interior.

The Interior

Once you get in, my eyes were fully attracted in their wall that full of huge tea Jars. I totally fall in love with the royal pink mixed with the victoria  green  and all the rose gold decoration. Actually I have went through their site as mentioned ‘Vieng’ means city and ‘Joom on’ means pink, thus that’s makes everything looks PINK in some reason. They started with the impression of the Pink city in India and Pink also represent love.

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