TAIWAN – One Day Food Tour Itinerary

Nightmarket_Taiwan_Travel 1 Day Itinerary Food Tour

After several posts and recommendation of Taiwan, I would like to do a wrap up for  just 1 Day Itinerary. Aiming for those who only stay or pass by Taiwan in a very short period of time. This is mainly focus on a Food tour instead of a site seeing  day.


Anyways let’s start with breakfast in a very local Taiwanese Cafe. This was one of the café where I found they have various choices of toast and is freshly made everyday. It is located in Zhongshan area, it takes only 5 minutes walkable distance from station. Since we stayed in Mei Hotel, it is located a few alleys only. It is a very little cafe and only 5-6 tables inside.

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

Bruma 布魯瑪 Travel Taiwan Breakfast

The menu are all Chinese however believe you can ask for English version if necessary. You have to order in the paper that given on table and mark what you wish to have. We ordered the deep fried pork with egg and a deep fried chicken fillet with egg toast. The meat was so crispy and fresh. For beverages,  we ordered Taiwanese milk tea and fresh soy milk. The toast cost only 40 TWD (US$1.3) !! and the  drink only cost TWD 20 ($0.6) Believe or not,  I spent less than $2.00 USD for a breakfast!! LOL

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Comical Hotel in Taipei- Greenworld Hotel Review

Greenworld Hotel Taipei Travel Review

Apart from the previous hotel recommendation of  MAI HOTEL , this is also one of my best choice to stay in Taipei. Situated in the heart of Zhongxiao area, only 5 mins walkable distance to station and lots of restaurants surroundings. Compared to the back of the hotel – San Want, I think this is more newer and clean plus much cheaper! So let’s see how it looks in the interior.

One of the reason I chose to stay in this hotel because it looks stylish and comical on the wall decoration. It looks more chic compare to any other classic hotel.

Greenworld Hotel Taipei Travel Review

Greenworld Hotel Taipei Review

Greenworld Hotel Review Taipei Travel

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WHERE to EAT Fresh Seafood in TAIPEI? Addiction Aquatic Development Review

Addiction to Aquatic Development 上引水產 Taipei Taiwan Travel

If you have never been to Taiwan, you might not know there is a Fish market situated in Taipei. Just like the one in Tokyo Tsukiji Outer Market but a mini version. It have been divided into several sections: Seafood bar, Hotpot area, Grilled Seafood Barbecue and standing Sushi bar. It is situated in the residential area and quite easy to find this place if you choose to take the metro.  So let me show you how it looks in the interior.

上引水產 Addiction Aquatic Development Taipei Travel

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Where to Stay in Tainan- 3 Door Hotel Review

Where to stay in Tainan 3 Door Hotel 三道門建築文創旅館

Continue my previous post of Taipei. Let’s move to Tainan- South of Taiwan. Since it’s my first time visited Tainan due to my business trip. Otherwise I guess I might not even think of visiting this place as it won’t be my bucket list. Not saying this is not an interesting place but not a hot travel location.

So before introducing the hotel I stayed, just a bit intro. of Tainan as I think not everyone have been to this place. It’s situated the South of Taiwan – Tai (Taiwan short term) and Nan ( means South) not a super hot travel spot for tourist but still have it’s attractiveness. Tainan is the oldest city of Taiwan. When I first arrived, I felt it looks totally different from Taipei. It’s more like an old city, everything looks so vintage or I can say it’s like back to the 80s/70s. (I’m not exaggerate but true). You will know what I mean when I showed you the below pictures. However I doesn’t mean I don’t like this city, but it’s much different compare with Taipei or Taichung however it’s also interesting to visit such an ‘old city’ / country side within a region.

Tainan Station Taiwan Travel
Station in Tainan
Tainan Station Taiwan
The station, the signage and the train looks like 80s.

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24 hours FRESH BAGELS in TAIWAN – N.Y Bagels Review

N.Y Bagel Cafe Taiwan Taipei 24 Hours Open Travel

Following my Taiwan trip last year, would like to recommend another great spot which offers 24 hours various selective bagels. I went there because it is just located at the back of my hotel. Situated in Zhongxiao district, a very convenient place where there are shopping malls, restaurants around. It opens 24 hours daily, if you have a late arrival would be great to enjoy an earlier breakfast in N.Y Bagel Cafe. It is a western style bagel cafe with big portions and refill service for coffee. Besides free Wifi is also available.

N.Y Bagels Cafe Taiwan Taipei Travel

N.Y Bagels Cafe Taiwan Taipei

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Experiment on Coffee in a Greenhouse – Spectacular Cafe in TAIPEI-Good Design Institute Review

Taipei Taiwan Good Design Institute Travel 好氏品牌研究室

As a coffee lover, I have never imagine I could experiment coffee in a Greenhouse cafe. Continued my last post of my Taipei business trip, I went to a uniqueness cafe located in Da’an District. I have marked this placed in advance because of it’s spectacular look & feel. A little background before getting into the cafe. It originally was a cafe moved from Beijing since 2008, they aimed not only to open a regular cafe which you have seen in everywhere but include more lifestyle products from local designers. Thus you can find lots of different lifestyle products such as notebooks, totes, water bottles, ceramic art piece etc.

好氏咖啡室_Good Design Institute_Taipei_Travel

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Back to 1931 – JiDai Sushi Bar in TAIWAN

Best Place to Eat in Taipei Jidai 1931 Taiwan Travel

Following the post of where to stay in Taiwan, I would like to introduce some nice places to eat and attractions of Taipei during my business trip last year. If you have read some history about Taiwan, you might know it was a dependency of Japan between 1895 and 1945. Thus it is easy to find some Japanese style architecture, even the residential area throughout the city. Ji Dai 1931 is one of those which remain the style of the Showa period in Japan.

A little background of the restaurant, it is owned by a Japan catering group which have 30 restaurants throughout  Japan. So this is one of those they expanded in Taiwan. It is situated in Zhongshan district which takes only 5 minutes walkable distance from Zhongshan station, it is very easy to find. It named Ji Dai (Time) 1931 because they wish their customer could feel being into the time of that period while dining in the restaurant. Being successfully remain the exterior of the architecture of marble Soda factory (predecessor of Ji Dai 1931), it make it more unique and stand out from a modern city.

Jidai 1931 Japanese Suishi Bar resturant Taipei Taiwan Travel

I felt amazing when you could see such a old style architecture situated in Zhongshan district (which is full of shopping mall, different brands). I was addicted to the exterior and no doubt you would be interested to get in of such historical style with 2 old style benches in front.

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Where to Stay in a Boutique Hotel in Taipei – Mai Hotel Review

Where to stay in Boutique Hotel Taipei Mai Hotel

Mai Hotel 舞衣新宿 zhongshan 中山 台北 台灣 Taiwan Travel

Happy New Year! have you plan any of your trip in 2017 yet? I’m still Floating in space after a long holiday!! Anyways, as a new year start, my trips are fully filled in the upcoming year before June! so looking forward to it!!

So, let’s start the first post of 2017,  I would like to date back a review of my last business trip since Oct in Taipei. As said it was a business trip however I went there 2 days in advance to wander around and look for some great stuff to share with you. So let’s start from where I stay!

I used to look for some decent hotel which won’t cost much so I could save my pocket for shopping and food. Anyways, here is one of the highly recommend hotel – Mai Hotel. It is located in Zhongshan district with a wide variety of food and spa nearby. It takes only 5 mins walk to Zhongshan station and 20 mins walk to Ningxia Night market. It just located perfectly and the most important is not pricey. Tt cost less than HK$690 / night (USD $90). So let’s see why I think this is a 5 star recommendation if you are planning on a budget trip to Taiwan!

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The Unique Cafe in Tainan, Narrow Door Cafe Review

Unique Cafe in Taiwan Tainan Narrow Door Cafe TravelNarrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow is a Door to heaven, 

Few will find it,

but those who do will find great joy and happiness for eternity.

Due to my last business trip, I visited Tainan last week. As usual, I would not miss any opportunity to look for some interesting spot while I was away from home. Narrow Door Cafe is one of the Cafe where I marked on my must go list.

The name of the Cafe is already interesting enough for me to visit them. If you have ever been to Taiwan, you might find Tainan is quite different from Taipei. There aren’t any tall buildings but small stores and alley. If I need to use only a word to describe Tainan, Old city would suits the best. A little background of the Narrow Door cafe, it was originally owned by a doctor during the Japanese occupation era, then it has been taken over by the owner of Narrow door cafe in 1999. Thus the cafe looks so rustic and have retain what it had since constructed.

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