You Hunt We Cook – Best place to go for dinner for Solo travellers

First of all, I have to say ‘ Long time no See!!” for almost 3 months since my last post – 24th NOV! I’m still survive!! Just something happened in NOV. Before sharing another great spot in Bangkok. I want to take a few minutes to tell you something about myself in the past months. (though if you are not interested! haha) I have been redundant from my company due to the company restructure hence I have lost my job. Yes! that’s a bit surprise to myself and my colleague too as no one do have any feeling before that. Yet, life still have to go on so I travelled to 3 different countries in the past 3 months. One is Osaka, it was a family Christmas trip that planned ahead. The following is Bangkok. It’s a very ad-hoc trip, I redeemed my ticket in the last minute and I have purpose for that trip. It’s a very exciting experience as I was invited to introduce the condo / apartment to another who is interested in retired or invest in Bangkok. So it’s like a tour, I took some video of the potential apartment which I think it’s worth to share. I have uploaded the first one in my facebook page already and I can’t wait to share in here as well!!! Apologise I often delay my post in the blog as I can only focus mainly on ONE channel at the time. BUT! I promise will share this to you ASAP within this week!!! So what following the next is I went to Taitung and Kaoshung  in Taiwan, 2 cities before CNY. It’s a very memorable trip as I have never been to those 2 places before and it’s my first time to experience the camping car!!! Also we don’t even know it’s the best time to visit the canola field! So it’s like a super bonus to both of us! In addition, we tried lots of different afternoon tea in Hong Kong. As we know once we got a job, we won’t be able to go in the weekday afternoon! haha. Hence that’s also why I didn’t upload any post in these 3 months. I feel like I’m much busier than I’m working!

Anyways, hope you won’t feel boring but I really want to share my 3 jobless months to you and now I’m still looking for jobs and keep interviewing. Hopefully I can get a job which allows me to travel! So going back to what I would like to share with you today, it’s a very interesting sort of restaurant but located inside the supermarket – YOU HUNT WE COOK. Instead of saying it’s a restaurant, it’s more like a fast food counter (but a luxury) one because there’s only a bar table with high chairs formed a rectangle and the chief was cooking in the centre. I have introduced another solo traveller’s best place to go The Dock Seafood before. (Click the link if you haven’t read it) and this is another place where situated in Gourmet Market – EmQuartier.

You Hunt We Cook EmQuartier Gourmet Market Bangkok

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The Unique Cafe in Tainan, Narrow Door Cafe Review

Unique Cafe in Taiwan Tainan Narrow Door Cafe TravelNarrow Door Cafe Tainan Taiwan

Narrow is a Door to heaven, 

Few will find it,

but those who do will find great joy and happiness for eternity.

Due to my last business trip, I visited Tainan last week. As usual, I would not miss any opportunity to look for some interesting spot while I was away from home. Narrow Door Cafe is one of the Cafe where I marked on my must go list.

The name of the Cafe is already interesting enough for me to visit them. If you have ever been to Taiwan, you might find Tainan is quite different from Taipei. There aren’t any tall buildings but small stores and alley. If I need to use only a word to describe Tainan, Old city would suits the best. A little background of the Narrow Door cafe, it was originally owned by a doctor during the Japanese occupation era, then it has been taken over by the owner of Narrow door cafe in 1999. Thus the cafe looks so rustic and have retain what it had since constructed.

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UNIQUE Restaurant in Chiangmai – Teak Wood Restaurant -DASH! 

Unique Restaurant in Chiangmai Thailand Teak Wood Restaurant Dash!

There are always different kinds of travels, but I would prefer a more leisure, relax way on my trip after a busy days in office. There’s always some excuse to treat yourself better!

Continue of my trip in Chiang Mai. We went to a super romantic restaurant Dash! Teak House Restaurant.I have made a reservation in advance before we came. So after a full day sightseeing, exploring the old city we decided to spend our night in this traditional architecture restaurant.

You all deserve a little wanderlust

The Interior

One thing you may aware, (if you have been in Chiangmai), there are always teak wood architecture everywhere. They call this Lanna style architecture of Northern Thailand. The Dash! Restaurant looks very traditional teak wood style. That’s also the reason why I chose to spend my night here. As we arrived a bit early, guess was around 6:30. It’s still bright and it’s too early to get dark. The location was easy to find and it wasn’t a tourist location.

There are lots of red lantern decorated all  around the ceiling of each floors. It given the very strong asia feel architecture with the wooden roof. Since we didn’t made our request in the reservation so the waiter just brought us to the interior. There is a lovely garden so if you wish to sit outdoor, just make sure to tell them your request  as I know they were very full and there are only few tables!

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