Buffet in the Tallest Tower in Bangkok – Baiyoke Sky Hotel


Buffet Baiyoke Sky Hotel_Bangkok Thailand

I have been to Bangkok for so many times but that’s the first time I came to the tallest tower in Bangkok. If you would like to observe a certain view of the city, you definitely need to visit this place as it have more than 85 floors!!  Not only the view from rooftop bar but much higher! Again big thank you for the sponsor from TRAZY for such an amazing view and buffet to enjoy in Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Before sharing more to all of you, I have been travelled with TRAZY for a few times already in my past few trips. Unlike normal travel agency but focus mainly on Korea and Thailand only. They understood how frustrated when foreign travellers have no idea where they should go especially in Korea and Thailand ! Hence the 2 ladies (who started the business) decided to provide the best deals and offers for travellers!  If you were frustrated not speaking the same language? Don’t worry! Just give your plan to TRAZY and relax during the journey!  Their booking website offers various activities which sure you can find everything you need! So let’s see what I have experienced with TRAZY  on my final activity in Bangkok this time! 🙂

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MUST EAT in Okinawa – AGU PORK!

Must Eat Okinawa_Japan Travel

I can’t believe the previous post that I wrote was already a month ago!! LOL .  I did posted this passage in my Facebook page but haven’t update it in here. Sorry guys! so here you are, today I would like to introduce the ‘MUST EAT’ in Okinawa – AGU PORK!

There’s always a few MUST EAT in different places while you travel. And… you definitely will follow what other bloggers / friends advice. Thus I would like to advice you the most famous food in Okinawa -Agu pork! As mentioned from other passage said it was originally from China! (What a surprise!) I’m from Hong Kong but never have a chance to taste this in China. Just a bit background of the Agu pork, people said the cholesterol compared to normal pork was 1/4 only and high protein as well!

Okinawa Tonsen Travel

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