Where to Stay in Tainan- 3 Door Hotel Review

Where to stay in Tainan 3 Door Hotel 三道門建築文創旅館

Continue my previous post of Taipei. Let’s move to Tainan- South of Taiwan. Since it’s my first time visited Tainan due to my business trip. Otherwise I guess I might not even think of visiting this place as it won’t be my bucket list. Not saying this is not an interesting place but not a hot travel location.

So before introducing the hotel I stayed, just a bit intro. of Tainan as I think not everyone have been to this place. It’s situated the South of Taiwan – Tai (Taiwan short term) and Nan ( means South) not a super hot travel spot for tourist but still have it’s attractiveness. Tainan is the oldest city of Taiwan. When I first arrived, I felt it looks totally different from Taipei. It’s more like an old city, everything looks so vintage or I can say it’s like back to the 80s/70s. (I’m not exaggerate but true). You will know what I mean when I showed you the below pictures. However I doesn’t mean I don’t like this city, but it’s much different compare with Taipei or Taichung however it’s also interesting to visit such an ‘old city’ / country side within a region.

Tainan Station Taiwan Travel
Station in Tainan
Tainan Station Taiwan
The station, the signage and the train looks like 80s.

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Where to Stay in a Boutique Hotel in Taipei – Mai Hotel Review

Where to stay in Boutique Hotel Taipei Mai Hotel

Mai Hotel 舞衣新宿 zhongshan 中山 台北 台灣 Taiwan Travel

Happy New Year! have you plan any of your trip in 2017 yet? I’m still Floating in space after a long holiday!! Anyways, as a new year start, my trips are fully filled in the upcoming year before June! so looking forward to it!!

So, let’s start the first post of 2017,  I would like to date back a review of my last business trip since Oct in Taipei. As said it was a business trip however I went there 2 days in advance to wander around and look for some great stuff to share with you. So let’s start from where I stay!

I used to look for some decent hotel which won’t cost much so I could save my pocket for shopping and food. Anyways, here is one of the highly recommend hotel – Mai Hotel. It is located in Zhongshan district with a wide variety of food and spa nearby. It takes only 5 mins walk to Zhongshan station and 20 mins walk to Ningxia Night market. It just located perfectly and the most important is not pricey. Tt cost less than HK$690 / night (USD $90). So let’s see why I think this is a 5 star recommendation if you are planning on a budget trip to Taiwan!

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